+ Micro Focus

Step 1: Install iPrint

iPrint Mobile Apps

iPrint Client for Windows

iPrint Client for Mac

Step 2: Choose a Printer

Mobile Devices

From your mobile device, open the iPrint app and select your favorite printers. AirPrint enabled devices (iOS) will automatically find printers available on your network.

Windows / Mac Desktops

If your administrator has configured the iPrint map, follow the URL your administrator has provided. Otherwise, click here to go to the iPrint Printer Installation Page.

Step 3: Print

Mobile Devices

To print documents, pictures or files from an application on an AirPrint enabled device (iOS), click the print button. If you are not using an AirPrint enabled device or the application does not support AirPrint, simply tap the "Open in" button on your iOS device or tap "Share With" on your Android device. Select the iPrint app to print.

Windows + Mac Desktops

Micro Focus iPrint is integrated with your print system and will allow you to print directly from any application by selecting Print.